With our custom developed in-house cleaning process, we are experts at bringing shoes back to life. Cleaning shoes is the foundation of Sneakersply and we have made it our mission to ensure every single pair arrives in ‘like-new’ condition to every single Sneakersply member.


1. Inspect and Analyze Shoes

Our team of cleaning experts carefully inspect and analyze the returned shoes and score them based on prior wear.

2. Remove the Laces

The laces are removed so our team can go to work on the rest of the shoes.

3. Remove Dirt and Scrub Undersoles

With various tools, we remove the dirt and debris then scrub the undersoles of the shoe.

4. Clean the Midsoles

Using a microfiber towel, cleaning solution, and a premium brush we bring the midsoles back to life then air blow them dry.

5. Brush Up the Upper

With our cleaning solution and their stiff bristle brush our experts polish the uppers to perfection.

6. Wash the Laces

We dip the laces in cleaning solution, then rub them together and pull them dry removing any stains or marks.

7. Sanitize the Insoles

Our team disinfects then air drys the insoles to ensure the inside is just as clean as the outside.

8. UV-C Light Process

Using UV-C lights we sterilize and deodorize the inside of the shoes, eliminating 99.99% of all germs and odors.

9. Back to Factory Lacing

We finish the job by lacing the shoes back to how they were originally sold.

10. Pack It Up

Now the shoes are like new! We do a final inspection and they’re ready for the next member.